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Yacht Registration in Poland

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Poland is one of the friendliest countries in the EU to register a flag for a yacht. The Polish flag is valid all over the world. Boat registration can be done remotely. (Provisional) Express yacht registration can be done in a few days (5-7 days) and right after that you may take the sea. For the yachts up to 15 meters, no survey inspection is required. Registration is done once and for life, there are no annual fees. Also in Poland, you can get a radio license with MMSI number for a period of 10 years.

Yachts up to
15 Meters
Yachts from
15 to 24 Meters
Safety Inspections
for 10 years
Yacht Registration
(Private, up to 24 Meters) +
Radio License (MMSI) +
Flag + Courier
all for € 950 More Info

Documents Required
for Yacht Registration:

  • 1. Scan of the passport (page with photo) or ID card of the yacht owner;
    In case of a corporate owner – we will need the scans of all corporate documents of the company (certificate of incorporation, M&AoA, appointment of the director, share certificates, etc.), including a copy of the director's and shareholder’s passport or ID card.
  • 2. Ownership document for the yacht: Sales Agreement, Invoice or Bill of sale, etс;
  • 3. Yacht Documents*: CE Certificate of the yacht, Builders Certificate or Survey Report , etс;
    * yachts manufactured before 1998 have their own specifics.
  • 4. Photo of the hull number and the name of the boat;
  • 5. Photo of the engine number and the engine document;
  • 6. De-registration certificate if the boat was already registered before.

Documents Required
for Ship Radio
License (MMSI):

  • 1. A radio operator's license or certificate issued by a state body. Certificates of non-government training courses to be a radio operator are not accepted;
  • 2. List of all radio devices on your yacht;
  • 3. CE certificates for all radio devices.
  • MMSI registration is possible only after the completion of the Polish registration of your yacht.

Documents that You’ll Receive
and Completion Date

1. Provisional registration is provided by e-mail in PDF format within 5-7 working days. It allows you to go to sea once it received.

2. Registration card is ready in 3-6 weeks and sent by courier.

3. Radio license, MMSI number and call sign are provided to you by mail 6 weeks after receiving the registration card.

4. The Polish national flag can be delivered within EU.

Optional Services

  • 1. Extract from the Polish registry – 200 Euro
  • 2. Delete the boat from the Polish registry – 300 Euro
  • 3. Duplicate of Polish registration – 350 Euro
  • 4. Change of the owner – 500 Euro
  • 5. Change the name of the boat – 350 Euro
  • 6. Change or add a new engine – 350 Euro
  • 7. Change pleasure or commercial use – 350 Euro


We work with several convenient insurance companies, and we can recommend you as our clients. Please contact us if you need insurance.

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Registration of yachts under 24 meters takes place in the Polish registration system – REJA 24. Having a lot of experience, we’ll help you to simplify the registration routine. Firstly, we’ll check all your documents and help to collect the missing ones, then we’ll submit them to the register, will control the registration process from beginning to the end, and finally receive ready documents and send all to you by DHL courier to the address convenient to you. We will serve you at the highest level.

Flag registration can be done online, but the documents are handed over physically in Poland. For this reason, we will ask you to sign a power of attorney for the registration actions of your yacht.

We don’t chase after a large number of registrations. We work for quality and focus on individual approach.

For private yachts under 15 meters registration process is the most easy and fast.

For the yachts from 15 to 24 meters, the registration procedure is more complicated than for boats up to 15 meters. It is necessary to go through additional technical tests and get a Yacht Safety Certificate.

Also, there are some specifics in registration of the commercial yachts. When registering a boat for commercial use, you have to pass through additional inspections by the Port State Control. Contact us for details.

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MMSI. Radio License

The license for ship radio communication in Poland is provided by the Polish Office of Electronic Communications.

The license is issued for a period of 10 years.

Polish MMSI number and call sign approved worldwide and can be used by any of radio devices on your yacht: VHF, AIS, EPIRB, PLB, SART, etc.

Please note that a yacht registered in Poland should have exactly a Polish radio license. Radio licenses of other countries will not be valid on the boat registered in Poland. In other words, if your yacht under Polish flag, there should be a Polish radio license on it.

Therefore, we may proceed with MMSI filing only after the Polish registration of your yacht is completed - that is about 3-4 weeks, plus 6 weeks for obtaining of MMSI number itself. Then the MMSI license will be sent to you.

The Polish flag is rather popular with yachtsmen from all over the world. Polish license MMSI for non-Polish citizens can be handled by the office in Warsaw only.

For this reason, there might be small delays, especially at the height of the season. But, in any case, all applications will be processed, and you will be served at the highest level.

Interesting Facts

Poland is the ninth largest country in Europe and has the longest navigable river in Europe – the Vistula (Wisła).

There is a unique desert in Poland. The Błędowska Desert covers an area of about 34 square kilometers. This is the one and only natural desert in Europe, the movie “Pharaoh" was shot there.

There are no homeless animals in Poland. Due to government policy, 0.5% of taxes are directed to the maintenance of left out dogs and cats. Every year Poland spends $20 million for animal shelters.

There are two spellings for the word “vodka” in some European languages: “vodka” for Russian and “wodka” for Polish. This difference appeared as a result of the “vodka war” that occurred in the eighties of the last century.

In Warsaw, people born in public transport have a right to travel by public transport for free.

Summary of Polish Flag

Valid Worldwide
Easy Registration of the
Yachts under 24 Meters
Private, Bareboat
or Commercial Use
Registration of an International
Call Sign and MMSI
One-Time Registration Fee,
No Annual Renewal Fees
Provisional Registration is
in 5-7 days & you can go to sea!
Available for all Citizens
(countries under sanctions
are discussed individually)
Valid for a Lifetime
No Maritime Restrictions
On-Line Registration
For Private Yachts up to 15 Meters
the Simplest Requirements.
Survey Inspection is not Required
Yacht Registration for an
Individual or a Company
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Flag registration for a private yacht up to 15 meters in Poland, Polish radio license (MMSI + call sign), translation of documents into Polish (by a sworn translator), Polish national flag, courier delivery.

All for 950 Euro
Standard price
Special offer
Private Yacht Registration in Poland
(up to 24 meters)
Polish Radio License
(MMSI + call sign)
Documents Translation into Polish
(by a sworn translator)
National Flag (attached to your yacht)
Delivery by DHL