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Into this business usually come yachtsmen who are engaged in the sale and survey of yachts, including a registration of the same. And specialists from offshore business who register international companies, foundations, trusts, as well as yachts. We are such specialists. There are two common models in offshore business. The corporate one – is when a company has a number of officers and lots of customers. And the family-owned business model, which means that all business matters are run by one family, as a result, such company does not have a large number of clients. That’s what we are.

Feodor, PhD in Economics

“My grandfather was a skilled mariner, he devoted his whole life to the sea. Although I was born far away from the sea, I inherited my grandfather’s genes. This often occurs to musicians, artists, or movie actors – their keen on activity is transmitted to their children. The same happens with the sailors. If you have the genes of a seaman, you will definitely be with the sea.”

Olga, Translator, Expert in Western European Countries

“After graduating from the University, my parents said, “Olya, you may do whatever you want, find yourself, but if you don’t - you’ll have to work at mother’s store.” Straight out I got courses of attendants on cruise liners as I was eager to connect my life with sea travel. During my studies, I met Feodor and he offered to collaborate on developing a highly interesting project. That was the offshore business. We started working together, later became husband and wife, and one day we received the first order to register a yacht....”

If the sea attracts you, you’ll certainly find a way to bound your life with it!

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