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Yacht Registration in Malta

Malta is a small island country in the center of the Mediterranean Sea, with excellent natural shrouded harbors for yachts. The official languages are Maltese and English - that is highly convenient. Malta is a full member of the EU, the currency is the Euro. Malta's ships register is the largest in Europe and the 6th largest in the world. Recently, the demand for registration of superyachts has increased dramatically in Malta. As a result, large investments in marinas for megayachts have begun. Malta has become one of the most popular port of registry for boats in the EU. The Maltese flag is a respected flag for new and comfortable yachts.

Private Yachts
Located in EU Up to 24 Metres & 50 Tons
€ 3500
(incl. MMSI & Call Sign)
€ 2000
Annual renewal
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National Flag

The ship registration process in Malta is divided into two steps. The first step is obtaining a provisional registration and a radio license for a period of 6 months. The second step is to obtain the registration and radio license (MMSI and Call Sign) with the possibility of further renewal once a year, and so 10 years long.

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Registration of Pleasure Yachts
up to 24 Metres & 50 Tons

The first step: obtaining a provisional registration + radio license

Documents Required for Boat Registration

1. The scan of the signed Application Form, where it is necessary to provide detailed information about the yacht and its owner, technical characteristics of the boat, sailing area, proposed name of the vessel, owner’s contact details, etc. We will provide such form and will help you to complete it.

2. Yacht Documents: CE Certificate of the yacht, Yacht Manual and etc.

3. Ownership document for the yacht:
- Builders Certificate for new boats,
- if the vessel was bought, then the Bill of Sale, Sales Agreement, Invoice, etс.

4. Deletion Certificate issued by previous boat register, if the yacht was registered earlier.

5. Notarized and apostilled copy of the passport of the yacht owner (page with photo) or ID card. Registration is available only for citizens of the EU countries, plus for citizens of Norway, Iceland, Switzerland and Liechtenstein, hereinafter referred to as “EU+”.

6. If the owner of the yacht is a company, we will need the copies of all corporate documents of the company (Certificate of Incorporation, M&AoA, Appointment of the director, Share Certificates, etc.), including a copy of the director's and shareholder’s passport. If the documents are more than 6 months old, an up-dated extracts from the Register is required (Certificate of Good Standing, etc). The documents must be in English, notarized and apostilled. Registration is possible only for companies from the EU+ countries, companies from other countries should be approved by Malta Ship Registry first.

If you are not an EU+ citizen, you have got a yacht and you want a Maltese flag, the solution is to register a Maltese company, and then to register a yacht with the Maltese company.

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We’ll assist with registration of a company for a yacht and further renewal of the Maltese company.

7. Appointment of a Maltese resident agent. To register a yacht in Malta for a non-resident, a local resident agent is required; in practice this is a Maltese lawyer. We work with such agent. To appoint him, you’ll have to notarize and apostille special resolution. We will help you to prepare this document.

8. A notarized and apostilled power of attorney for yacht registration issued to a Maltese resident agent. We will assist you to prepare one.

9. Certificate of Survey is necessary in order to register the Maltese flag.

We can find a relevant surveyor for you. For this purpose, we need:
- colored photo of your boat,
- photo of Hull Identification Number (HIN),
- photo of Engine Serial No.,
- location of the boat right now.

10. Application for Ship Radio License where it is necessary to provide a list of all radio devices on your yacht and information about your radio operator's license or certificate.

11. Confirmation of payment of registration fees for the first year of service.

12. Signed Declaration of Ownership. This document should be signed in the registry of Malta personally by the owner of the boat or by the owner's representative under Power of Attorney.

13. Carving and Marking Note. To receive the Maltese flag, it is necessary to duly apply the name of the boat and the port of registry "Valletta" on the hull of the yacht. According to the requirements of the Malta Ship Registry, the lettering should be in certain parts, of a special size and color. We will help you choose the company that marks the vessels.

During the registration process, the Malta Ship Registry can request more documents on your yacht. All requested technical details should be provided. After that, you will receive a Provisional Certificate for 6 months and a temporary Radio License.

The second step: obtaining a flag registration for a period of 1 year

For permanent pleasure yacht registration, the following documents should be submitted to the yacht register within 6 months:

- the original of the Builders Certificate for new boats,
- the original of a Bill of Sale if the vessel was bought,
- the original of the Survey Certificate,
- duly signed Carving and Marking Note,
- the original of Deletion Certificate, if the yacht was registered under different flag before,
- to give back the original of the Provisional Certificate.

At the end of registration formalities, you’ll get a Certificate from Malta Ship Registry, valid for one year from the date of issue.

Optional Services

  • 1. Extract from the Malta registry – 250 Euro
  • 2. Change of the owner – 500 Euro
  • 3. Change the name of the boat – 600 Euro
  • 4. Delete the boat from Malta registry – 350 Euro
  • 5. Provisional Radio License Application – 700 Euro
  • 6. Permanent Radio License Application – 200 Euro
  • 7. Resident Agent Fee – 900 Euro
  • 8. Registration of Maltese company – 3345 Euro
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Registration of Private Yachts Over 24 Meters

More documents are required for the yachts more than 24 meters with gross tonnage more than 50 tons. For example:

  • - Safe Manning Certificate,
  • - International Antifouling Certificate,
  • - International Tonnage Certificate for Malta,
  • - International Load Line Certificate.

Also, the government fees to the register are higher. The larger the yacht, the greater the requirements for its registration. Therefore, boats larger than 24 meters in length are considered individually. E-mail us and we’ll readily start working with you.

Yacht Registration for Commercial Use

Any type of commercial vessel – from a small pleasure yacht to a huge oil rig – can be registered in Malta.

  • For provisional registration the following documents are required:
  • - Application for Registration,
  • - Declaration of Ownership,
  • - Inspection Report,
  • - Radio Application and Radio Report,
  • - International Load Line Certificate,
  • - International Antifouling Certificate,
  • - MLC Compliance Certificate,
  • - Certificate of Survey,
  • - Previous Tonnage Certificate,
  • - Previous Certificate of Survey, if relevant,
  • - Safe Manning Application Form,
  • - Certified copy of previous Registration Certificate.
  • For permanent registration you should provide as follows:
  • - International Tonnage Certificate for Malta,
  • - Certificate of Survey for Malta,
  • - the original of the Bill of Sale (with a date prior to provisional registration),
  • - the original of the Builders Certificate,
  • - Deletion Certificate (if any),
  • - Carving and Marking Note,
  • - to give back the original of the Provisional Registration Certificate.

Registration of a commercial vessel is considered on an individual basis only. E-mail to us and we will study your tasks.

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More Information


Registration of Maltese flags is made by the government body called Transport Malta. All types of vessels, from pleasure yachts to passenger cruise ships and tankers, can be registered under the Maltese flag.

The Maltese flag is attractive for yachts that sail in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Registration of the Maltese flag is more convenient for the boats that are in the EU.

For yachts that are located outside Malta, a survey inspection is required. We will help you find a good survey company.

To register the Maltese flag, the owner of the yacht or his representative should come to registry in Malta for signing the documents. We’ll arrange the meeting with a Maltese agent (Maltese lawyer) for you as well. A Maltese resident agent is necessary, all communication between the owner of the yacht and the register goes through the agent.

Modern, under 10 years old yachts are the most wanted. For yachts older than 15 years, extra checks are required. Vessels of 25 years or more are not-welcomed, we avoid taking such registrations.

Malta has various tax benefits. But, the tax legislation of your country must be fully complied. All taxes in your country must be paid up. If the yacht is expensive, it is better to consult an auditor in your country. Remember that modern and expensive yachts are under the spotlight of the Tax Authorities.

Provisional registration takes 3-5 days, assuming that all documents fit the register.

A yacht registered under the Maltese flag can run within the European Union without time limits, no additional documents are required.

Ship register in Malta provides urgent services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Maltese flag is premium one!

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Interesting Facts

The Knights of Malta or the Knights Hospitaller go hand in hand with the history of Malta.

Today’s Merchant Flag of Malta - the flag of the Knights of Malta with a white border - is used on yachts as the Maltese state flag.

Who are the Maltese Knights Hospitaller and how did they land in Malta?

The order of the Knights Hospitaller is the oldest organization that exists to these days, in 2013 it celebrated its 900th anniversary. The annual budget of the organization is about 200 mln. Euro. The order has observer status at the United Nations.

In 1530, the Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, Charles V, gave to keep Malta to the Knights Hospitaller for a token payment - one falcon for hunting per year.

In 1798, Napoleon forced out the order from Malta. After that, the hospitallers moved to Russia, to the city of St. Petersburg and elected the Russian Emperor Paul I as the Grand Master of the order.

But, as a result of the palace coup, Paul I was killed, the order lost its protectorship, and the headquarters of the order moved to Rome, where it is still located.

Summary of Maltese Flag

All Documentation is in English
Maltese Requirements are Well Known to Shipyards and Surveyors
Direct Yacht Registration for EU Citizens as Individuals
The Possibility of a Yacht Registration under Construction
Yacht Locating in Malta is not Required
Yacht Use in the EU without Time Limits
Yacht Registration through a Maltese Company for Non-EU Citizens
24-Hour Support Seven Days a Week
Marriages can be officiated onboard a yacht under the Maltese flag
Attractive Tax Benefits for Yacht Owners
No Restrictions on the Nationality of the Captain and Crew
Reputable and Internationally Recognized Ship Register
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Private Yacht Registration + MMSI
Price (€)
Resident Agent (Maltese Lawyer)
Tonnage Survey Fee
Registration Fees & Our Service Fee
Documents Delivery from Malta
€ 3500
Additional Services
Price (€)
National Flag
€ 200
Renewals – once a year
Price (€)
Resident Agent (Maltese Lawyer) Fee
Annual Registration Fee
Our Service Fee (optional)
€ 2000
Maltese Company
Цена (€)
Registration of a Maltese company
to register a yacht in Malta
Renewal (once a year)
Audit (once a year)
Liquidation of a Maltese company